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Starts: 04-08-2021


The Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law is an electronic publication that is published three times per year. Each issue contains in-depth, professionally reviewed articles for intermediate and advanced health lawyers. Submissions are well researched and thoroughly referenced, providing an in-depth and balanced treatment of the topic. Each article addresses a matter of current interest and aims to provide practical import to our readers. The Journal is available to AHLA members and paying subscribers. The Journal also is available through Lexis and Westlaw.

Who Produces the Content

AHLA encourages attorneys and others with expertise in the area of health and life sciences law to consider submitting a manuscript at any time throughout the year. If your office recently prepared a substantial legal memorandum, brief, or presentation on a timely health care legal topic, consider further developing your work into a submission. AHLA welcomes prospective authors to enlist colleagues as co-authors who will share the work.

Please review the Journal's author guidelines prior to your submission.


Articles submitted exclusively to AHLA’s Journal will be given preference in the selection process. Prior publication of your article (or an earlier version of it) in other journals, magazines, newsletters, conferences, websites, outlets, etc. will be considered only under certain circumstances. If your article is accepted for publication, AHLA will ask you to execute a copyright release. AHLA generally grants permissions to reprint articles for educational purposes. If you use the article for general educational purposes, you must ensure that reproductions of your article properly reflect AHLA’s copyright, as specified in the release.

Article Submissions and Acceptance

The Journal welcomes unsolicited articles at any time. Submitted articles undergo professional review for the next available issue. AHLA’s editorial staff—in conjunction with the Journal’s Editorial Board—has the discretion to accept or reject articles based on a number of factors, such as the article’s merit, the need for information on the topic, or the mix of articles within a particular issue of the Journal. AHLA’s editors may accept an article for publication on the basis of the initial submission, but more commonly, a decision is made after the author has revised the submission following professional review. The Journal does not compensate authors.

Professional Review

AHLA’s editorial staff and at least two members of the Journal’s Editorial Board closely review article submissions and typically offer extensive comments on the article’s substance and form. If the author is agreeable to revising his/her initial submission, AHLA’s editorial staff will work with the author to create a publication schedule.


After the author has revised his/her manuscript following professional review, and the article has been approved by the Journal’s Editorial Board for publication, AHLA’s editorial staff will copyedit the manuscript, and a citations editor will verify all footnote sources/references and ensure they are Bluebook compliant. The author will have the opportunity to review the edited article and address any queries that emerge from the editing process. Due to time constraints, Journal authors do not review page proofs.


Please contact us at journal@americanhealthlaw.org with any questions regarding AHLA’s Journal.

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