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Call for Authors--PALS Alerts, Bulletins, and Briefings

Starts: 04-18-2020


The Post-Acute and Long Term Services Practice Group is currently establishing a team of volunteers who would be willing to write brief alerts (1000 words or less), bulletins (1,000-2,000 words), and briefings (2,000 words or more) regarding breaking news we believe would be of interest to our membership. An Alert is a short summary of a breaking news item (that has occurred in the past 30 days) on a topic of interest in health law that has not already been covered in AHLA Weekly. A bulletin is a short article on a current awareness topic in health law that includes substantial analysis and application (differs from an Alert, which is just a summary). Bulletins present a more substantial focus within the PALS’s content area, and which adds value beyond what practice group members already receive from AHLA and other news sources. A briefing is a longer article that provides in-depth analysis of a noteworthy development or issue in health law. Briefings serve as valuable desktop references for practitioners seeking an in-depth understanding of a subject and provide more complete coverage of current health law issues and their implications than Alerts or Bulletins.

Ideally, if you agree to be in this group, we will send an email to the group requesting a write-up on a particular topic and hope that one or more of you will be quick to respond indicating a willingness to handle the project.

Please let me know if we can put you down for this volunteering opportunity. The nice thing about this effort is that the time commitment is short and can be taken on only when your schedule permits. That way, you hopefully won’t be burdened with deadlines during a busy time in your professional or personal life.

Alternatively, if you have specific topics that you would like to write about, please let us know.

Finally, if writing isn’t your passion, please let me know if there are other ways in which you’d like to engage with PALS.
Additional Comments In addition to authors, we would also encourage volunteers who would like to present webinars to contact us as well.

In addition to authors, we would also encourage volunteers who would like to present webinars to contact us as well.

Volunteers Needed:

5 (5 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Gabriela Sanchez

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