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Starts: 10-16-2020


Health Law Weekly is a 48-issue/year electronic news and analysis service emailed to AHLA members and posted on AHLA’s website. The publication offers weekly updates on important legislative, judicial, and regulatory developments affecting health law and also provides regular bylined feature articles. The feature article generally should provide analysis of a current development in health law. 

Who Produces the Content

Although most of the content is authored by attorney/editors in AHLA’s Publishing Department, Health Law Weekly also includes a feature article written by outside author(s). Most outside authors are AHLA members. On occasion, non-AHLA members may contribute an article at the discretion of the editorial team.

Length/Content Requirements

Health Law Weekly does not publish content that has been previously published. Because Health Law Weekly is an electronic publication, we allow substantial flexibility in terms of length and format. Articles generally should be at least 1,000 words, including an introduction, conclusion, and legal citations where appropriate.


All articles must comply with AHLA’s Publication Guidelines for Authors and are subject to editorial review before being accepted for publication. Authors are required to sign AHLA’s exclusive copyright license prior to publication.

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