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Call for Authors - Behavioral Health TF Bulletins and Briefings

Signup Deadline: 06-01-2021
Starts: 06-02-2021
Ends: 08-02-2021


The Behavioral Health Task Force desires to add to its dynamic and dedicated team of volunteers to write Bulletins and Briefings on behavioral health topics of interest to our members.

Possible ideas for Bulletins and Briefings may include, but are not limited to: payer parity, state law changes that affect mental health and substance use disorder providers or patients, national opioid litigation, DOJ opioid-related enforcement actions, Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery (EKRA) enforcement, 42 CFR Part 2, and telehealth topics that affect behavioral health providers.

A Bulletin is a short article (approximately 1,000 words) on a current awareness topic in health law that includes substantial analysis and application, focuses on behavioral health, and adds value beyond what members already receive from other news sources.

A Briefing is a longer (2000 or more words) article that provides in-depth analysis and more complete coverage of a noteworthy development or issue in health law.

If interested in writing a Bulletin or Briefing, please let us know. To get started, please click the Apply Today! link above to give us your contact information and let us know of your area of interest. Thank you!

Volunteers Needed:

15 (15 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Jennifer M. Lohse

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