Health Law Connections Feature, Member Forum, or Compliance Corner Article

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Starts: 10-16-2020


Health Law Connections is the monthly membership magazine of the American Health Law Association. The 12 issues of the magazine include one or more bylined feature-length articles, Member Forum articles, updates on Association products and events, and member-related news.

Who Produces the Content

Membership and Association-related content is compiled by AHLA staff.

  • Feature articles are produced either: (1) through AHLA Practice Groups (PGs) and Task Forces (TFs) (each of which are assigned responsibility for generating an article for a particular issue of the magazine on a rotating basis); or (2) through a proposal to AHLA’s Publishing Department. Authors for feature articles typically should be AHLA members.
  • Member Forum articles are generally produced by AHLA membership groups, such as the Young Professionals or Diversity and Inclusion Council. Member Forum articles also may be submitted by individual AHLA members.  
  • Compliance Corner articles are generally produced by AHLA members who work in compliance.

Length/Content Requirements

Health Law Connections articles must be original content that has not been previously published. Feature articles typically include  

  • Feature articles should be 2,500-3,000 words and include an in-depth analysis of an issue in health law that will impact members’ practices—e.g., legislation or regulations, significant court rulings, and important trends.
  • Member Forum articles typically are shorter pieces that may offer perspectives on substantive health law issues, provide insight on Association initiatives, or discuss other issues that may impact members’ practices. Member Forum articles generally should be 500-1,000 words.
  • Compliance Corner articles are typically 750 words or less, focusing on advanced issues in the practice of compliance. Articles should discuss compliance nuances or best practices rather than cover a specific regulatory issue. 


All articles must comply with AHLA’s Publication Guidelines for Authors and are subject to editorial review before being accepted for publication. Authors should provide a photo and one-paragraph bio when submitting their manuscripts to AHLA. Authors also are required to sign AHLA’s exclusive copyright license prior to publication.

Volunteers Needed:

9999 (9997 open slots)

Experience Required:

Minimum 4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Bianca Bishop

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