Time to Get Involved in AHLA

Getting involved in AHLA is easy. We have numerous opportunities for engagement; some take a few hours a month, others require a longer time commitment, but can produce big results for your career and for the health law community. Our goal with our new volunteer management system is to capture all of our volunteer opportunities and establish a simple process for engaging volunteers.

The ideal life cycle of a volunteer starts with small tasks and virtual participation to working all the way up to committee and leadership positions.  The types of opportunities that AHLA has on an ongoing basis are:

  • Call for Authors - volunteers to write for publications such as:
    • Health Law Weekly
    • Health Law Connections
    • Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law
    • Practice Group Alerts, Bulletins, Briefings, Newsletters, Toolkits, etc.
  • Call for Speakers - volunteers to speak/moderate at educational opportunities such as:
    • In-person programs
    • Webinars
    • Courses
    • Discussion breakfasts and Luncheons
    • Podcasts
  • Call for Leaders - volunteers to serve as Practice Group (PG) leaders, Affinity Group (AG) leaders, Task Force (TF) leaders, Committee/Council members, and on the AHLA Board
  • Call for Other Volunteers - periodically, our PG/AG/TF leaders may need additional support such as live tweeters, environment scanners who monitor current events, students to help with research, mentors, etc.

With the use of our new system we will be able to encourage volunteerism at all levels by using an intuitive system that makes it easy to define roles, post volunteer positions, track participation and reward engagement. 

​Diversity and inclusion are a part of AHLA's value system and are essential to the Association's ability to produce the highest quality non-partisan educational programs, products, and services concerning health law issues. AHLA values and seeks to advance and promote diverse and inclusive participation within the Association and there are numerous opportunities for all members to become involved in a way that best meets their professional development needs, expertise, and time parameters.

Opting In to (and Out of) the Volunteer Pool

Being part of the Volunteer Pool means that you are interested in learning about future volunteer opportunities available through AHLA. When you're opted into the pool, you will receive email alerts as soon as a new opportunity opens up that matches your qualifications and interests. 

Opting In is easy- with one click, you are added to AHLA Pool of Volunteers.  This means that when new opportunities come up, you'll be the first to learn about them.  Once opted in, you can of course suspend your opt-in request at any time.  Just set the Invite me to volunteer when opportunities match my expertise? toggle from 'Yes to 'No' on your volunteer profile to no longer receive invitations.

Click here to opt in to the Volunteer Pool

Your Volunteer Profile

Completing your volunteer profile will help us know what kind of volunteer opportunities you are interested in. Complete your Volunteer Profile so that we can match you with future volunteer opportunities for which you are both qualified and interested. 

Open Opportunities

The full listing of volunteer posting is available through the Volunteer Opportunities List.