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A Pool of Compelling Descriptive Essay Topics 

A descriptive essay is an essential type of essay. It is one of the major types, and many other types like narrative essay, definition essay, expository essay, are derived from it. 

In a descriptive essay, an essay writer aims to describe the subject under discussion. A descriptive essay is usually very extensive. This is because, in this essay, all relevant information is added, and the subject is discussed from all possible aspects. 


Many students find essay writing hard. Essay writing is a time-consuming and tiring task. But things can be made easy by conceding some basic things.

One of those things is the topic a writer chooses for the essay. An excellent and expressive topic will help you write a persuasive, descriptive essay very quickly. You may hire a free essay writer for this purpose or even search out a good topic online by yourself. Many such writers are just one click away from assisting you in this regard.

Make sure that the topic you choose for a descriptive essay is unique and exciting as this essay type usually gets boring, and the reader loses all interest. 

This article has summed up an extensive list of some eye-catching topics for your descriptive essay. Using these topics, you will write a good essay and not need to ask someone else to “write my essay.” 

Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics

  1. The day you got a dog as a pet.
  2. Describe a life-threatening experience you have ever had.
  3. The moment you fell in love. 
  4. Which moment was the happiest moment of your life?
  5. Describe the experience of losing something that you loved the most. 
  6. Explain the saddest event in your life.
  7. Describe how you met your best friend. 
  8. What is your most horrible childhood memory?
  9. Describe a situation in which you misunderstood your mother.
  10. The most challenging task you ever faced in your life.
  11. Recall a day when you broke something very expensive.
  12. A situation when you had to act like an adult.
  13. Describe the moment you had the most challenging conversation with your teacher. 
  14. The experience of going through an anxiety attack.
  15. The experience of moving from one city to another.

 Technical Description Topics for an Essay

  1. Describe the efficiency of a smartwatch.
  2. What’s the purpose of getting an expensive laptop?
  3. How does a retina scanning system work? 
  4. Explain how a smartwatch can count steps and heartbeats.
  5. How do computers read an external device? 
  6. The functioning of wireless headphones.
  7. What’s the purpose of cars with double gas cylinders?
  8. Describe the purpose of solar panels.
  9. Describe the functions of unmanned vehicles.
  10. How do ATMs detect values of bills?
  11. How does traffic pulse technology work?
  12. How does virtual reality function?
  13. Benefits of 5G mobile data technology.
  14. Describe the parts of a motion sensor.
  15. Explain the functioning of a weather radar.

Descriptive Essay Topics about School

  1. Describe your favorite subject at the time of your school life. 
  2. Who is your favorite teacher in college?
  3. Describe an unfortunate event during a school bus ride.
  4. What it’s like being in a school fancy dress show.
  5. The prom night of your dreams.
  6. The best time to start doing your homework?
  7. Bonding with old friends from school.
  8. What is the nature of your best friend like?
  9. The first time you gave a speech in front of your class.
  10. What is it like to win a school competition?
  11. The saddest day in your school.
  12. Recall an embarrassing moment during a break.
  13. The most memorable art and craft class.
  14. Describe your favorite science project.
  15. Reasons why you like your school.

 Descriptive Essay Topics about Hobbies

  1. How to explore cooking as a hobby.
  2. What do you like about knitting?
  3. Why do you enjoy fishing?
  4. What dancing means to you.
  5. Do you play sports as a hobby?
  6. Playing card games can be a hobby.
  7. What instrument do you play?
  8. Say why you love singing.
  9. What is excellent about recording videos?
  10. Playing video games for relaxation.
  11. How did you start painting?
  12. What do you enjoy about crafting?
  13. Do you consider shopping a hobby?
  14. Your favorite thing about gardening.
  15. Meditation is a way to relax.

 Descriptive Essay Topics about Movies

  1. What makes Doctor Zhivago a poet?
  2. The use of slow-motion in the movie ‘The Matrix’.
  3. Write about your impression of Knives Out.
  4. The cinematography in Gravity.
  5. Visual effects used in City Lights.
  6. Character development in Forrest Gump.
  7. The ending plot of Inception.
  8. What was your reaction to the twist in A Beautiful Mind?
  9. Speak about the plot of Shawshank Redemption.
  10. What’s your favorite scene from Dark Knight Rises?
  11. What makes The Truman Show funny?
  12. The climax scene from Braveheart.
  13. What was your impression of The Help?
  14. Family dynamics in the Pursuit of Happiness.
  15. What makes Groundhog Day heartbreaking?

These were the best-chosen topics for a descriptive essay. These topics will make essay writing easy for you and save a lot of your time. Also, you will not have to ask someone to “write my essay for me.” 

However, if you are still not confident enough to write this type of essay yourself, the best option for you is to opt for an online essay writing service or a professional writer. They will not merely write an essay for you but also assure you that you get the best grade. 

You just need to make sure that you have found a legit service that can also handle a custom college essay of yours. 


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