Networking and Engagement

Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute

Networking and Engagement Experiences

Our online networking and engagement will allow participants the time to learn from one another, connect, and relax. The social events are included in the registration fee, so we hope you will take advantage the wonderful events we have planned.

*Please Notes: All Scheduled Events Times are Eastern Standard Time

Thursday, February 11


Interactive Networking Reception | 3:45-4:30 pm

Interact with your colleagues face to face in our facilitated small group discussions. (Pre-registration required)

Discussion Topic: Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

  • Describe the diversity and inclusion initiatives related to recruitment and retention within your organization. 
  • How has your organization addressed members of leadership who do not understand the importance of diversity related initiatives or do not want to dedicate resources towards them?
  • How have you encouraged workforce member participation in diversity initiatives?
  • Do you have any recommendations for helpful approaches, resources, tools, consultants, etc. that have been valuable to your diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

Friday, February 12


Coffee and Conversation | 10:00-10:45 am

Start the day by connecting with your colleagues face to face over coffee (or tea). Hosted by our Practice Groups, virtual Zoom Rooms will be open based on a topic. (Pre-registration required)

Discussion Topic: Addressing COVID-19 Vaccination Issues

  • Describe the approach that your organization has taken with respect to COVID vaccines within its workforce (e.g., mandatory vaccine policy, strong encouragement, written policy, no policy, etc.) How did your organization arrive at its decision regarding whether or not to have a COVID vaccine policy? What has been the response from the workforce?
  • If your organization strongly encourages workforce members to obtain the vaccine, how is the organization incentivizing and encouraging workforce members to obtain it? 
  • To the extent elements of your workforce are working remotely, has the availability of the vaccine impacted a return to workplace discussion in your organization? If your workforce obtaining a vaccine is mandatory or strongly encouraged, have you or are you planning to make a return to the workplace from remote work mandatory?
  • Has your workforce encountered challenges with vaccine availability, i.e., with obtaining the vaccine, and how has that impacted your planning considerations?